Library Book Return

Please read message below from Mrs. Vottero concerning library books.
Please check your library account to see what books you have checked out. That way you'll know what to look for at home and in your lockers.  Only look at what is currently checked out, as books you may have paid for in the past can still be listed under fines that actually no longer exist. I'm only worried about what you have checked out now. 

Steps for accessing student library accounts:
  1.  Go to the Greensburg Salem High School website
  2.  Choose the "library" tab at the top
  3.  Select Destiny Online Catalog from the dropdown
  4.  Important: Click Greensburg Salem High School before login
  5. Click login at top:
    User: Gradyear +4 last name + 4 first name  (Example: 21vottcarr)   Password: Lunch number
  6. Select "my info" to see books currently checked out
You may email me any individual questions. I look forward to seeing you all soon! I hope you are all well!
Carrie Vottero

Greensburg Salem High School Library