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Greensburg Salem's own cyber program available for students

Dear Greensburg Salem Parents and Students-

If you or child is interested in cyber learning, look no further than the Greensburg Salem remote learning and ePride cyber programs. Since 2012, Greensburg Salem has successfully worked with over 600 students and families to provide flexible and rigorous learning in the virtual environment. As a Greensburg Salem remote learner, you will earn a Greensburg Salem diploma, have access to all programs, extra-curricular activities, facilities, advanced placement courses, guidance and career planning, and all other amenities provided to every Greensburg Salem student. To enroll or learn more, email or call your building’s main office.

Transportation Survey

Please let us know your transportation plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Thanks for taking time to complete this quick survey.

Final Budget Presentation

Please see this copy of the power point and the final budget presentation from June 29, 2020. Please refer to pages 13 and 14 of presentation for District Census Information regarding Median Household Income and Acute Poverty Percentage
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