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 ~Enrichment Week~  March 30th - April 3rd  
As I prepare our virtual work space, please take the week to review all content up until this point.  Reference my "Keystone Exam Success" page to enrich your understanding with more in depth resources.  
  • Unit Packet 1-5 (Unit Reviews, any optional enrichment activities)
  • Midterm Review Packet
  • Keystone Review Folder Items
  • Purple Keystone Review Packet
  • Any Links on the Keystone Exam Success Page
~Online Instruction Begins~  Monday April 6th
  • Attendance will be taken
  • Utilize 365 TEAMS/OneNote Notebook for all information and documents 
Accelerated Biology April Overview
Week 1 Cell Transport , Unit 6 Quiz, DNA Structure & Replication, Transcription, DNA Model
Week 2 Protein Synthesis, Mutations & Biotechnology, Unit 7 Quiz, Mitosis
Week 3 Mitosis Mix-Up, Mitosis Quiz, Meiosis
Week 4 Meiosis Quiz, Reproduction & Fetal Development, My Sperm Story, Mendelian Genetics

 **Lessons subject to change based on students' needs**


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