2022 - 2023 Course Selection

2022-23 Post-Secondary Planning & Course Guide (see bottom of this page or click on the lower right side for PDF)
All students must have a parent signature on the scheduling worksheet at the time of appointment. 
Course Selection Powerpoint (click  link on the bottom of page)
Please use the above reference materials to assist you and your student in choosing courses and pathways for the upcoming school year.

Directions on how to input your course requests are located at: https://youtu.be/qmFrK836Qi4
Please see the electronic HS Course Selection Books posted below.
Any questions can be emailed to your counselors. Individual appointments may be made upon request. 
In order to further clarify this process please review the steps below. 
Here is some important information to aid you in this process: 
  1. Complete your Curriculum Planning Worksheet found in the back of your Scheduling Book or found below.
    1. You should view your transcript on the CSIU if you have any questions about the sequence of courses you should take or need to check failures in core classes.
    2. Please reference page 2 of the Course Selection to see Graduation Requirements. 
  2. If you are unsure how to access the course request section in CSIU please watch this video which will walk you through the process. https://youtu.be/qmFrK836Qi4
  3. If by chance you have locked yourself out or forget your login for CSIU (grade portal) please email Mrs. Yasika [email protected] to reset it for you.
  4. Some courses have been pre-added into CSIU as a "typical progression" and may not fit everyone. If that applies to you please just enter the correct courses that fit your personal scenario. You can just add the correct ones you want and the counselors will remove the incorrect courses. (There is also an option to make a note on CSIU what courses you would like to swap for which.)
    1.  The credit total should equal 8 credits. Please also enter alternates. Remember that if you are taking a .5 credit course you need to pair it with another .5 credit course. 
    2. CTC course codes are on page 14 of the coursebook (second and third-year CTC students enter 700 codes). CTC shops count 4 credits per year. 
Mrs. Klipa (A-L [email protected]) and Mr. John Manley (M-Z  [email protected])
 are available by email or have Office Hours for Scheduling related questions via email or telephone.