Career Planning

Career Planning and Resume Writing

At Greensburg Salem High School we have begun incorporating the 'Career Pathways' model to organize our courses into 5 career clusters. These pathways help organize careers with similar interests and educational requirements and align the course work needed to successfully pursue these career interests after high school. Here is the Westmoreland County's Career Pathway Model which is used in our course selection guide as an organizing tool to showing students which courses and electives are associated with potential careers/career clusters.

If you need any help regarding career planning, please contact your school counselor. If you found any of the above information particularly helpful or if you have suggestions on how we can provide you with better online information, please let your guidance counselor know.

Not sure what careers are a good fit for you? Let's start exploring options by taking the self-assessment and some career exploration here:
Resumé & Cover Letter Preparation

A resumé is used to introduce you and summarize your experience, skills, education, and goals. It is often the very first impression you will make on a potential employer. Everyone old enough to work needs a resumé but even students who do not work will find a resumé very helpful for tracking their academic and extracurricular activities. In addition to your GPA, school coursework and other academic items, volunteer work, community involvement, leadership experience, and athletic achievement can be featured in a resumé. A nicely formatted resumé with dates and descriptions for your academic and extracurricular work may get you noticed by a potential employer, a college recruiter, or even a scholarship reviewer. You will also find it handy to have all this information at your own fingertips when you find yourself filling out application after application, form after form. The following sites provide help with resumé preparation. Use them to find a sample or a template that you can use to adapt for your own.