College Search Tips

While Comparing Colleges Use this worksheet to help organize your thoughts on schools you are currently considering.

This is a helpful tool to stay organized and give you a graphic representation of what each school has to offer you!

College Comparison Worksheet 
College Search Tool (click here) check out
The College Selection Process can be described as having 4 main components:
Information, Preparation, Visitation, & Application.

Begin by prioritizing the factors is most important to you in a college. By prioritizing, you begin to develop a means for compromise, if necessary. Before you begin gathering information and speaking to colleges, ask yourself where and what you are willing to compromise on.

TO DO: Meet with counselor to discuss your grades & GPA. See how you compare to students enrolled.

Ask for Advice on taking SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject Tests, & ACT

Maintain academically rigorous schedule and good grades through 12th grade


Once you have prioritized the factors that are important to you in a potential school play a simple game of matching. Research and visit schools that come the closest to your "ideal". Remember this is an involved process and you should use these factors that are a way of assessing your post-secondary options.

TO DO: Attend WCCC College Fair in September and/or Pittsburgh National College Fair in February.

Use these sites to search for schools to visit:

Attend College Rep visits during your Junior & Senior years.


The campus visit is the most important way of assessing the school. Pay attention to your gut feelings while there. You may have 2 days excused from school during your Junior & Senior years. See the Guidance Office for the College Visitation Form.

TO DO: Make a lit of questions to ask during the visit

Take an unofficial copy of your transcript with you on the visit

Take a walking tour with a student guide and meet an admissions counselor and a Financial Aid Officer


The Application component of the College Selection Process can be very involved. Gather the application and review this with your parents and counselor

TO DO: Consult with your counselor on an appropriate list of Reach, Realistic, & Safety Schools.

Follow the instructions in pulling your application materials together!

Know your deadline!

Plan Well: try to have all applications out by Thanksgiving of your Senior Year.

Questions to ask when visiting college: