Course Requirement by Year

Course Requirement By Year

Graduation Requirements include passing all courses listed. 
You must have a minimum of 27 credits to graduate.

Grade 9

English 9
American History I
Earth & Space Science/Ecology
Digital Literacy (.5) 
Freshman Seminar (.5) 
Phys. Ed. (.5)
Health (.5)
2 Electives*

*Accelerated math & science students are required to take additional math & science as electives.
Accelerated Math will take Accelerated Algebra II & Accelerated Geometry
Accelerated Science will take Accelerated Bio & Earth and Space Science + Environment & Ecology
** Accelerated Math & Science Students can defer Digital Literacy until grade 10 to take a language or other elective.

Grade 10

English 10
US Govt and Politics
Physical Education (.5)
Financial Literacy (.5)
3 Electives

Grade 11

English 11
International Studies
(Physical Sci or Chem & Physics)
4 Electives

Grade 12

English 12
STEAM Math Elective (See course guide for more information)
6 Electives
Senior Only Electives: Dual Enrollment, Work Experience, Community Service, Early Completion