Student Support Services

Next Step

At Greensburg Salem we believe that effort creates ability. In order to provide all students an opportunity to put forth their optimum effort, two teachers have developed the Next Step. Wendy Jorgensen and Lucy Iapalucci, seasoned teachers at Greensburg Salem High School, offer students an afterschool opportunity for second chances. The Next Step provides students time and facility to revise work, complete assignments and retake tests. Mrs. Jorgensen and Ms. Iapalucci work with classroom teachers and the students to maximize learning.
The goal of Next Step is to give every student a second chance. Next Step meets afterschool in Room 222.
Interested studetns should stop in and talk to either teacher to see how the Next Step could benefit them.

Wendy Jorgensen
[email protected]
Lucy Iapalucci
[email protected]
NHS Peer Tutors-

National Honor Society Honor Students tutor peers in library for up to 30 minutes twice a week in any subject area.
National Honor Society (NHS) Tutoring
The National Honor Society students will begin peer tutoring.

Here are the specifics:

  • Tutoring will take place in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 until 10:50.
  • Since there will only be a limited number of tutors, we must know ahead of time which students will be attending.
  • If you are a student in need of tutoring please see either: Mrs. Harper [email protected] or any of your teachers, or a School Counselor so they can help you arrange this.
  • You will need the approval of your second block teacher to attend. The students should get their “okay” before committing to certain dates.
  • If approved, please obtain a pass from your second block teacher to come to the library on the scheduled days.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)-

SAP is a systemic process using techniques to mobilize school resources to remove barriers to learning. The core of the program is a professionally trained team, including school staff and liaisons from community alcohol and drug and mental health agencies. SAP team members are trained to identify problems, determine whether or not the presenting problem lies within the responsibility of the school and to make recommendations to assist the student and the parent. When the problem lies beyond the scope of the school, the SAP team will assist the parent and student so they may access services within the community. The student assistance team members do not diagnose, treat or refer to treatment; but they may refer for a screening or an assessment for treatment. Contact a Counselor or Administrator for more information or to make a confidential referral.

Teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community members can make confidential and anonymous referrals to SAP if they have concerns about a student's well being.