College Application Process

Applying to colleges involves gathering and organizing necessary information and materials and following a set process described to seniors during their one on one meetings with their counselors in the Fall. To help alleviate some parental stress and answer questions regarding our senior meetings, we provide the following synopsis of the process:
  • Check out college admission requirements and deadlines on the specific college’s web site or in literature provided by the college.
  • Register for SAT and/or ACT tests the first week of September if needed.
  • Check unoffical transcript from guidance office to ensure your most recent scores are being sent to schools.
  • Complete an official application online or in paper format. Applications can be downloaded from a college’s web site, acquired from a college’s admissions office, from the “Common Application” or "Send Edu" web site,...
  • Complete or request any additional materials required by the application process (essays, recommendation letters, teacher and counselor evaluations and application fees). Allow at least one (1) week for teachers or counselors to write recommendation letters.
  • When a letter of recommendation is required by the school an accompanying student resume or letter of recommendation form (see link) must be accompanying. Copies can be made to distribute to multiple people.
  • Obtain and complete a transcript release form from the Guidance Office or online. Please allow 3 days for processing time.
  • Request that the counselor send an “official” transcript to the college admissions office with all necessary documents.
  • If the application was sent online, the accompanying documents and official transcript should be sent as soon as possible after the online application.
  • Be sure to provide a correctly addressed envelope and sufficient postage. (Postage is REQUIRED.)
  • If a mid-year report is required by the college, notify the senior counselor.
After the application and all required materials are sent, follow up with a call to the college admissions office to make sure the student’s application is complete.