AP Exams & College in High School Credits

AP Exams and College in High School (CHS) Credits are both ways for students enrolled in these rigorous GSHS courses to earn college credits at a reduced cost.
Please review the attached Powerpoint Presentation detailing the differences and enrollment processes for the AP Exams and CHS credits (click here): College in High School & AP Exam Presentation
Please see your teachers and counselors with specific and additional questions regarding both.
Laura Klipa- [email protected]
John Manley- [email protected]
A complete list of available courses eligible for College in HS credits is listed below.
To register for an AP Exam please complete the Registration Form below and return it to the Guidance Office with your $45 non-refundable deposit prior to March 1st (for second-semester classes). A $40 late penalty is applied by the AP corporation beyond this deadline. All final balances are due by April 4, 2022.  
Final payment is due to guidance prior to the test date. (See Registration form link below.)
The Total Cost of the AP Exam is $97 (GSEF reimburses partial to the full cost of the exam for scores 3 and up.)
Students may independently prepare for any AP course (even those outside what is offered at GSHS).
College in HS Partner/ Enrollment Deadlines:
WCCC- Enrollment deadline for first semester courses is 02/02/2023 (Enrollment form attached below.)
  1. If 1sttime WCCC CHS student must complete application  https://westmoreland.edu/application
    • See pdf directions below how to apply to WCCC. 
  2. Parent Proxy Form (see form below) must be submitted to the GSHS Guidance Office prior to February 2, 2023. Late registrations will be charged a fee from WCCC. 

SHU- Enrollment opens 1/23/2023 with deadline of 03/01/2023; enrollment is open now online.

See directions below regarding the online application. Students must register online for SHU's courses.

  • New SHU CHS students will create a student account then choose their high school and courses.
  • Students who have enrolled in CHS classes previously at SHU will follow the directions below.


SVC - Registration and payment due to SVC by 02/27/2023 (See Enrollment form below.) 
Be reminded that payment in full is required with the registration form.  Checks are to be made payable to Saint Vincent College.  The cost per student is $84 per credit plus a $15 charge to establish a Saint Vincent College record.  Please note credit card payments are not accepted.  Be sure that the students complete the information on the left-hand side of the form and sign and date the form.
Carlow University- Enrollment Paperwork given by classroom teacher.

Transferring College Credits

If you have questions about transferring credits to your college,

TRANSFEROLOGY to check out Transferology. 

Simply create an account to find out if your CHS credits will transfer.