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Greensburg Salem High School

Information for Seniors

The College Application Timeline

  • Early Fall (Sept. – Nov.) To know more about the college transition  
    • Get to know admissions criteria for schools of interest
    • Complete recommendation request forms (available in Guidance Office)—make multiple copies
    • Seek teachers/counselors/coaches/employers/community members to write letters of recommendation. 

Give them at least 1-2 weeks to write a good one!

  • Take SAT or ACT or retake to improve your scores
  • Attend Career & College Fairs:
     September 29, 2021 at WCCC 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. or Feb. at Pittsburgh Convention Center
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at Greensburg Salem High School-annually in fall
  • Know the deadline for schools; applying for admission to schools that have Rolling Admission can occur anytime but the sooner the better—after time passes, slots can become filled and admission standards can increase.
  • Allow the Guidance Department at least two weeks before an Application Deadline to submit necessary documents.


  • Winter (January-March)
    • Check Guidance Office, Daily Bulletin, and Guidance website for scholarship information. Sources of Financial Aid are local organizations, Websites (be careful, don’t ever pay for financial aid information), schools you to which you are applying, places your parents work or organizations to which they belong.
    • Complete the FAFSA beginning October 1—the sooner the better since the amount of state and federal aid is limited. Since many of the questions on the FAFSA relate to the parent’s and student’s income tax return, those returns should be completed (not necessarily filed).
  • Spring (March-May)
    • Continue to apply for financial aid and scholarships
    • Make a decision on the college of your choice
    • Speak to your school of choice about financial aid. (It is Ok to compare financial aid offers from other schools as a way of increasing the financial aid offer from your school of choice )

Guidance Office Suggestions

Mail-in applications:

  • Must provide postage to Guidance to mail your transcript/applications.
  • Stamped & addressed envelope
  • Application (if using paper not online version) and application fees
  • Letters of recommendation and/or essays

Online applications: (After you completed your online portion)

  • Notify your counselor by completing transcript request form or providing your counselor's email on applications such as: Common Application & SendEdu
  • Give all materials to counselor you want sent with your transcript (essays, fees, recommendations).
  • You must provide your counselor with a letter of recommendation request form when counselor input is required. 

Applying for the SAT or ACT tests

  • Register for the SAT at and the ACT at
  • In addition to having your scores sent to your colleges of interest, you must choose to have scores sent to Greensburg Salem HS to have them placed on your transcript.
  • GSHS school code is: 391575.
  • Pay attention to deadlines (late fees apply!) and location of exam.
  • Fee waivers are available for families who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch Programs in Guidance.


The College Scholarship Process


Online FAFSA:

You need to acquire a pin number at -- you cannot complete an online FAFSA without a pin number—this pin number can be acquired at any time.

Online FAFSA’s will be available to complete in January—the web address is -- remember you need a pin number.

Completing the FAFSA will determine your eligibility for Federal and State aid as well as aid given by individual educational institutions (colleges, universities, trade and technical schools).

CSS Financial Aid Profile:

Some select schools may require the CSS in place of or in addition to FAFSA. The need for this form would be noted in the school’s profile as well as contacting the school’s financial aid office. The CSS can be accessed on the Internet at

Local Scholarships begin in January

  • About 80 scholarships are available to all seniors at the high school and have a wide variety of requirements.
  • Follow us on the web-sign up to receive Guidance Alerts for most updated information!
  • Listen for announcements concerning local scholarships or stop in the guidance office. The scholarship material is located in the magazine rack in front of the guidance office.

    Choosing a College or Trade/Technical School
  • Visit prospective campuses—set up a tour through the school’s admissions office. Students may have 2 excused absences to visit colleges per year. You must have the college visit request form signed prior to your college visit. Forms are available in the Guidance Office
  • Colleges & trade/technical schools visit our school—dates and times of these visits are listed in the daily bulletin—to attend these sessions, you need to sign up in the guidance office.


Helpful Resources to Explore Potential Schools and Careers:

  • My College Options: (register as a new user and then continue to build your profile)
    Provides the opportunity to create a personal online college and career planning profile.
    Match individual profile to 5500 accredited post-secondary institutions in the US.
    Access valuable information about paying for post-secondary education, types of institutions, career exploration, process of applying, and much, much more.
  • College Confidential:

    Here you'll find hundreds of pages of articles about choosing a college, getting into the college you want, how to pay for it, and much more.



In order to compete in athletics during your freshmen year in college, you must attain minimum SAT/ACT scores and GPA. For Division I schools, this minimum is determined by a sliding scale of SAT/ACT scores to GPA—see your counselor or access the website for more information. For Division II schools the minimums are: SAT 820 or ACT 68, GPA 2.00.

The NCAA requires students playing Division I or II schools to have earned: 16 core courses. This includes 4 Years of English; 2 Math; 2 Natural/Physical Sciences; 1 additional English/Math/Science; 2 Social Studies; 4 additional courses in any previously listed areas or Foreign Language.

You can register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at You must notify your counselor you have applied for eligibility!! Once you register bring both copies of the printout to the guidance office to be mailed with a current and final transcript